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With 13 years in the solar industry, owner Aaron Kemp-Hesterman brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Aaron started off in the solar industry as an installer, moved into project management, sales, and then financing. 
Aaron comes from a family who worked hard for their community including both his grandfather and great-grandfather who were staples in the local construction industry. He decided to maintain a family legacy of working hard in his community by helping people achieve the ability to be self-sufficient and not rely on traditional power sources. He believes in the irreplaceability and success of going off the grid with solar energy. 
Aaron has done everything from installing a solar-power system on his own house to selling systems at his own kitchen table. He decided to take his passion for the industry and synthesize his experience into his own business. In January of 2020, he opened Go Microgrid to provide cost-effective methods of energy consumption to consumers in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.
Go MicroGrid’s goal as a reputable company is to “Empower you and your home for an energy independent and resilient future.”

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Empowering You and Your Home

for an Energy Independent and

Resilient Future

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Switching to Solar Power doesn’t have to be complicated. Find out more about Go Microgrid and how our expertise can make the transition to Solar Power a seamless one.

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