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Solar Power System Sales

Are you interested in finding a more cost-effective alternative method to traditional electrical power? At Go Microgrid we believe in helping our customers save money and protect themselves from future increases in energy costs. We specialize in solar and battery backup sales and installations.

Learn more about our value-based pricing on our full range of energy services by calling: 510-292-8721. Our consultative and low-pressure approach will ensure you will have your questions answered and feel comfortable throughout the process of switching to solar power.

Solar Power System Installation 

Are you interested in switching to solar power?

At Go Microgrid we are passionate about empowering our customers to take control of their energy costs and consumption and to protect their pocketbooks from future energy cost increases from PGE.

Additional benefits in choosing solar energy include benefiting the environment by getting away from fossil fuels and combating climate change. You can count on us to make the switch to solar power easy with our comprehensive solar power installation and services.

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GoMicrogrid Solar Power installation and

When you have a solar system installed by GOMICROGRID

You Save

See How Much You Can Save.

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Solaria Solar Power Company
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