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Generator Sales & Service


Are you looking for a reliable generator? Don’t be without power during a grid outage. At Go MICROGRID we are a small local company that takes pride in matching our neighbors with generators of a variety of sizes and wattage to back up your power and help keep your family safe and secure without missing a beat.


Are you searching for a reputable locally owned company for your generator sales needs? Look no further than Go MICROGRID. Our owner Aaron is proud to carry on a tradition of helping his community with their energy services and product needs. Contact us today for generator sales and services; as well as solar power services and battery backups to fully equip your home or business.

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Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner

HVAC Services 

We can't make immediate changes in our climate outside but we can inside our homes and businesses. Regular maintenance on your HVAC not only allows for more comfortable cooler temperatures on hot days and can keep you toasting and warm in the winter months, but when you keep up maintenance you are conserving energy. When you schedule GO MICROGRID for your regular HVAC services you are making sure you system runs efficiently and extending your HVAC system life and saving your money and energy. 

GO MICROGRID also offers repair services for your furnace and air conditioners so you are not stuck in the cold or the heat.

Schedule GO MICROGRID for a repair or regular maintenance service by calling. 510-292-8721

Energy Efficiency


Our homes waste more energy than you would expect. BUT they don't have to. GO MICROGRID can detect where and when your home is wasting energy in Berkley and the surrounding Bay area. Through improperly sealing windows, incandescent light bulbs or shorting wires our homes wasting power and draining your hard earned money.

GO MICROGRID Energy Efficiency Service Testing detects wasted energy in area homesthat can save home owners hundreds of dollars a year.

Isn't it time to stop wasting energy and money? Schedule GOMICROGRID for an Energy Efficiency Service test, call 510-292-8721

Energy Testing
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